About Lukas Barbier

I am Lukas Barbier, a Belgian living in Vilnius, Lithuania. At an early age I started traveling the world with my family and later on decided to take up photography as a hobby.

Nowadays, I seek bigger and better challenges, opportunities and adventures. With an ever-growing desire and motivation to tell stories, I hope to share my best experiences with you.


Alongside of my father Jacques Barbier, who used to be a wildlife film photographer in the 90s, we explore Lithuania and other parts of the world to capture images of nature and of its wildlife. We share those stories over on our Facebook page Barbier Photography.


Always intrigued by the inner workings of the world, documenting and investigative work has always been attractive to me.

In 2021, I started working as a freelance journalist and photojournalist, as well as covering events in English for The Lithuania Tribune in my free time.