About Lukas Barbier

I am Lukas Barbier, a Belgian with a camera and a pen.

Pretty much the second I was born, I was already traveling with my parents. From Paris, to Berlin, to Tehran, I was lucky to have seen so much of our planet at such a young age. We then settled in Vilnius, Lithuania for quite a while.

Unbeknownst to me, I was already bitten by this eager sense of adventure and discovery.

In my teenage years, I took up photography as a hobby with an old Nikon D200 (after a brief stint with an old Sony DCR-HC14E using miniDV cassettes… don’t laugh! It was the equivalent of 480p). Soon, I was also filming.

This period was also the time I began wildlife photography, alongside my father Jacques Barbier. A hunter-turned-wildlife-film-photographer in the 90s who stopped before the 2000s, he picked the craft back up with me. We explore Lithuania and other parts of the world to capture images of nature and of its wildlife. We share those stories over on our Facebook page Barbier Photography, as well as on Instagram and Youtube.

I was consumed (and still am) by an ever-growing desire to tell stories. Explain the world. Investigate. And explore every nook and cranny.

In that regard, in 2021, I picked up my camera and started working as a freelance journalist and photojournalist, covering events in English for The Lithuania Tribune in my free time. Soon, I found the work very fulfilling, finding my pictures and articles in various news sites.

That prospect is now my full-time goal: becoming an investigative journalist.

In 2022, I enrolled in the Académie ESJ Lille in France for a Bachelor’s degree in political science and journalism, hoping to get a Master’s degree in Lille’s prestigious journalism school.

For the 2023 NATO Summit in Vilnius, I launched The Vilnius Observer, a newsletter focusing on Lithuanian and regional subjects ranging from national economy, to national defense, passing through local politics.

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